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foals 2017

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The 2017 Foals to be offered for sale are all priced. Any without a price are currently not for sale at this time!

All of our foals are by fully Graded stallions and all have full pedigrees, registered and passported with the 

Anglo European Studbook. They will be weaned at approximately six months of age and at that stage they will all have been well handled, regularly trimmed, wormed and be both microchipped and vaccinated for tetanus.

Our foals benefit from at idyllic start in life. Our vast areas of pasture allow the mares and foals to roam freely with the benefit of huge open spaces to roam, play and learn in a herd environment. We are a dedicated stud, not hobby breeders and the welfare and correct developmental supervision is something that is a full time job and approached professionally with extreme attention to detail. 

Our horses are priced fairly and in accordance with both costs, time and effort. There are low profit margins which are often at break even point. Foals of this calibre at such fair prices are rare.  We simply do not cut costs at the expense of the foals development, nutrition or welfare or take any shortcuts necessary with any of our horses to reduce overheads.

If you are looking for quality animals with a superb start in every way and without compromise, we always have a good selection of young horses for sale.

We ask that all foals to be sold are vetted at the buyers expense and upon satisfactory inspection, a 25% deposit paid to secure the foal and the purchase terms and conditions be agreed and signed prior to transfer of ownership.

Prices are always fair and not negotiable. Thank you.

Sales Terms and Conditions - Link

GFS Moonshine 

​GFS Fire and Ice x GFS Phoenix (Crown's Ace of Pearl x Close Conflict/Lord Gayle) 



This very lovely filly was the first to ​arrive this year and what a start to the foaling season. She is very much the 'Ice' stamp with fantastic conformation, long strong legs, an incredibly pretty head, fabulous movement and personality plus! She is going to be as beautiful as she will be athletic.

To make 16hh +

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GFS Hi Jinx

Colourthyme Kajika x Folly's Rock 

(Rock King/Bohemond)



What a wonderful surprise! Folly's Rock has finally had a filly, her final foal and a full sister to GFS Fire and Ice. She is absolutely everything we could have wished for; tall, a big powerful mover who just loves to jump and can barely keep her feet on the ground. She of course has the very beautiful head of both her sire and grandsire as well as their wonderful personality. We are quite smitten.

To make 16.2hh approx

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GFS Flashpoint

GFS Fire and Ice x Liosin Lux (Olympic Lux/Lux Z  x Golden Bash/Ryocco) 



Well this incredibly tall, elegant colt certainly looks very familiar! A maternal half sibling to Paddy and other than the colour, it could have been him six years ago! 

This lovely colt has got movement, balance and huge athletic elasticity. He floats on those long legs and stands tall and proud displaying exceptional physical presence and style. Born to event, this one is for the serious competitor only!

To make 16.2hh+

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GFS Mikado

GFS Lord of the Dance x Charisma (Camaro x Hurikan/Landruf)



What a wonderful surprise this pairing turned out to be! GFS Lord of the Dance and Charisma's first foal and the arrival of a very unique smoky cream double dilute tobiano patterned colt! Bred with high percentage Trakehner with TB, Akhal Teke and the Kinsky warmblood. This colt should have all the speed, stamina and agility for a potentially exciting career eventing.

We are utterly thrilled with the quality of this colt. Physical perfection, he moves with tremendous grace; powerful yet light on his feet, very agile, fast and balanced. He is very quick to learn and is bold and brave. A lovely looking foal and definitely one I look forward to seeing out competing in the future!

To make 16.2hh +

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GFS Subzero

​GFS Eskimo Jo x Filadelfia (Arktos/Floren x Corrado I/Landgraf I)



This very tall, correct cremello colt is the first foal by GFS Eskimo Jo and we simply could not be more delighted. To make approx 17hh + and blessed with a very beautiful head and good strong conformation. This glamorous boy has a pedigree packed with serious jumping ancestry and already looks like he has some of the magic that his bloodlines are renowned for!

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GFS Appassionata

​GFS Fire and Ice x Deihaiwejo (Al Pacino W x Aiglon Rouge/Enrico)


This filly is about as tall, leggy and beautiful as you can get! A deep golden buckskin with the beautiful refined head her sire always passes to his offspring. She is going to be very tall and I would estimate at approx 17hh. A beautifully proportioned foal with natural grace, a willing, gentle nature and without a doubt a very serious competitor in any of the three Olympic disciplines.

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GFS Millie Vanilli

GFS Lord of the Dance x GFS Golden Willow (Vangellis x Farney Clover/Errigl Flight)



This is GFS Lord of the Dance's second foal and once again, we could not have wished for more! A beautifully marked cremello with perfect conformation, a fantastic character and really super movement and energy. A quick learner and really rather special! This little dynamo is built for speed, strength and she is fearless! We would very much like to see her out eventing in time.

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GFS Midas Touch

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Tiger Lily ​(Amerigo Vespucci x Shaab/Saunter)



The third and final GFS Lord of the Dance arrival and what a complete dude! Golden palomino, beautifully marked and built like a powerhouse. This colt has it all; great conformation, stunning head and natural athletic prowess in abundance. He is a strong colt and a must for the serious competitor who wants to be noticed!

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GFS Sparticus

GFS Eskimo Jo x Costa Brava (Contendro I x Western Star/Lindberg)



This enormous and very impressive colt is the second and last this season by GFS Eskimo Jo out of our highly Graded Hanoverian mare and another tall, strong foal with lovely proportions and a fantastic head. Not sure whether he is black or buckskin yet, but he is very glamorous and a huge character who like his sire is enormously people oriented already.

His pedigree is absolutely incredible his dam is by Contendro I currently a top ranked WBFSH sire of both show jumpers and eventers. There are numerous absolute legends on either side of his bloodlines with.  If this young man lives up to his ancestral achievements, we may have quite some future prospect here!

 A serious horse for an ambitious owner!

To make 17hh approx

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GFS Ice and Spice

GFS Athena x GFS Fire and Ice

To make 16.2hh approx


Another wonderful surprise! Our beautiful 'Pepper', always wanting to be the centre of attention has produced another GFS first! A lovely correct cremello leopard spot filly by GFS Fire and Ice. This girl is legs galore, beautifully straight and very striking. She has wonderful elastic, ground covering movement and the personality of an angel. We are delighted with her.

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GFS Wildfire

GFS Fire and Ice x It's Magic (Howart x Chemintz/Lord Caletto

To make 16.2hh approx


This colt is absolutely superb; tall, straight and absolutely beautiful.  By GFS Fire and Ice and out of ​our very special ex showjumper It's Magic.

This very special boy will hopefully be destined for great things....he boasts exceptional showjumping providence through his dams pedigree and of course the legendary Rock King and sire of eventers extraordinaire, Bohemond.  Both dam and sire equally move well enough for dressage too!  Lots of options, huge potential and definitely one for the future!


GFS Wildfire - August 2017

GFS Theodora

GFS Fire and Ice x Wantasia (Indoctro/Corland)

To make 16.1hh approx



This spectacular filly is of the tip top quality that we have come to expect from both dam and sire. She is tall, correct and powerful. A bold and confident foal, she was up and sorted out within 35 mins which is almost a record here! She has fabulous movement and it is going to be very exciting watching this special girl mature and develop into the athlete we expect her to become.

Her bloodlines speak for themselves! On her dams side, her Grandsire is the amazing Keur Preferent stallion, Indoctro, showjumper and progenitor of highly regarded offspring competing in all three major disciplines, but the sire of over 180 competitive showjumpers. Wantasia's dam is by Corland ( son of the inimitable Cor de la Bryere) out of the showjumping International and important sire of champions, Nimmerdor.

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