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Thursday 27th April 2017


Gassons Farm Stud is a horse breeding enterprise based in the heart of the Cotswolds and run in conjunction with the existing mixed livestock farm that has operated from this address for many generations.  

In 2008 the dream of further developing the equine breeding program to run as a complimentary arm of the existing farming became a reality due to a downturn in traditional farming and a need to diversify the farms business.

From its concept, Gassons Farm Stud has been a labour of love. The horses are very much a source of pride and a joy born of an almost obsessive passion to produce an equine 'living fairy tale'. 

Our horses are bred for sheer pleasure and are specifically aimed at a discerning market, catering to enthusiasts of superbly bred, high quality warmbloods of extraordinary beauty and faultless temperament. These are horses of a lifetime who will have had the very best start in life and arrive in their new homes with trusting natures, excellent manners and as a guaranteed horse of a lifetime prospect regardless of the job asked of them. 

We breed up to sixteen foals a year, using a selection of top quality mares sourced from all over Europe to compliment our stallions with the specific purpose of breeding attractive horses of excellent conformation, athletic versatility and exceptional temperament – the type of horse that can be relied upon as a true partner and trusted friend in any and all situations.

Our breeding goals are to produce a horse that has a calm confidence and the physical ability to compete across each of the three major disciplines. A horse who is both a pleasure to own for amateur and professional riders alike.

Our breeding program stems from the selection of carefully chosen bloodlines and decisions are made with real intention and attention to detail. This is critical when breeding future sport horses of true versatility. We strive to breed the genuine physical and ancestral potential to reach a high level of competition in the right hands and yet equally to retain the balanced mind and character that would also make them a horse suitable for the more leisure oriented rider. 

Our speciality is producing these wonderful animals in a variety of unusual colours, patterns and often with the rare and mystical 'pearlescent coat', a legacy of our stallions ancient Akhal Teke origin either directly or through the lovely natured all round splash of Kinsky ancestry and bloodlines.

Our horses are lucky to benefit from an idyllic existence on the rolling pastures that surround the farm. Living a life as natural as possible from birth, but with the benefit of developing close ties and trust of human company. Their exposure to the chaos, noise and the natural bomb-proofing that comes with living on a working farm, combined with careful age appropriate training make our young horses very well rounded and relaxed characters from day one.

If you are serious about buying top quality, well handled, carefully bred foals and youngstock of sound wind, limb and mind we hope that you will find what you are looking for here at Gassons Farm. We pride ourselves on having one of the larger selection of foals and young horses available for viewing in one place! 

We only sell from May to October each year, but are always delighted to welcome guests to view our horses and to talk through any requirements or answer any questions.

Our resident stallions are Colourthyme Kajika, Paddy of Liosin, GFS Fire and Ice, GFS Eskimo Jo and GFS Lord of the Dance. They have been selected because aside from their stunning colours, conformation and athletic prowess they are simply the most gentle and generous natured stallions you could hope to meet. Their offspring speak for themselves!



GFS Fire and Ice. This unique coloured warmblood colt was bred by us and is currently the only warmblood stallion in existence to our knowledge. Standing currently at 16.2hh this truly outstanding young horse is a perlino leopard spot. His sire is our own Colourthyme Kajika and his dam is a most impressive NTR thoroughbred mare Folly's Rock by the legendary eventing stallion Rock King and out of the prolific sire of eventing stock Bohemond.
'Ice' is a big moving young horse with rhythmic, balanced and powerful motion though all gaits. He has an effortless jump with a natural text book bascule. Lightly started under saddle and now turned away this young horse is definitely going to be one to watch for the future! 
We are expecting a small number of very special foals in 2016 by this lovely young man.
Colourthyme Kajika is a Kinsky/Oldenburg/Trakehner/ Knabstrupper warmblood  bred from some exceptional and rare European bloodlines. His bloodlines can be traced back to the legendary racehorse Eclipse!  
Kajika Possesses excellent conformation and movie star good looks. He is an intelligent horse who moves like a dream and has been proven to compliment a variety of mares, always producing incredibly beautiful foals of exceptional quality and frequently amazing colours.  He is proven to be a suitable sire for both horses and ponies.  He throws a lot of height and passes on his good nature, fabulous movement and undeniably pretty head.
 Destello was imported by us from Estonia as a yearling, he brings both ancient and modern bloodlines that are as rare as they are sought after. He is a cremello warmblood that is unique in this country as his breeding contains no Kinsky or German warmblood in his impressive pedigree. His Akhal- Teke and Russian Trakehner ancestry have been painstakingly bred from highly prized and jealously guarded Russian breeding programs. He brings a whole new dimension to breeding possibilities in this country with much of his bloodline unavailable until his arrival from Estonia. Destello is bred from a long line of high performance eventing, dressage, show jumping and endurance horses making him an ideal sire of offspring destined for disciplines. Not only will he throw the highly desirable dilute colours but also the mystical and highly prized ethereal 'metallic' coat and physically tough constitution and muscular skeletal frame of his Akhal Teke breeding. 
 His breeding can be traced directly and without interruption or missing link to the three founding Arab stallions of the thoroughbred breed; Godolphin Arabian, Bryerly Turk and Darley Arabian. He is also directly related to the foundation stallions of the Trakehner breed; Pythagoras, Dampfross, Tempelhuter and Perfectionist.
 His ancestry is an outstanding testament to the purity of his breeding and single minded determination to produce the ultimate equine athlete.  Yet to prove himself, this two year old incredibly bred young Cremello colt shows early signs of exceptional promise and who will certainly bring exciting new bloodlines which can only be good for the future of Sport horses of British breeding. Standing at 16.2hh.  He displays incredible athleticism, powerful movement, presence and has a wonderful kind temperament.  Destello has the true irridescent sheen of his Akhal Teke ancestry which makes him a most incredible shimmering silver. This amazing sheen will be invariably passed to his offspring in varying degrees.    

Paddy of Liosin.  We bought Paddy  in utero along with his dam who was kept there to be returned in foal from the Liosin Stud in Ireland. He has been notably special from day one. He is a very correct and balanced young stallion with a very impressive presence, powerful, active paces and a natural affinity for people. He is kind, trainable and incredibly gentle witout losing any of the masculinity and charisma that makes a stallion stand apart from others.

This very special young horse is now standing at a little over 17.2 hh with perhaps a little more growing to do. He sired three of our 2014 foals and each one will be retained. He really has stamped his foals with each of them being tall, correct and demonstrating superb mechanics to their paces. They are all bold, alert and blessed with their sires faultless temperament.
Paddy is by the exciting young stallion, Crowns Ace of Pearl who is enjoying  enormous success on the Irish show jumping circuit having already been crowned as Southern Ireland Dressage Champion. He boast rare and sought after Eastern European kinsky bloodlines as well as such notable stallions A Dur/Argentenus.  Without a doubt a young stallion to watch.
His dam is by Olympic Lux and out of thoroughbred dam line that traces back to the legendary War Admiral and Man o War! The Olympic Lux/Luz Z who needs no introduction. Olympic Lux is a proven sire with remarkable progeny. He competed up to six years of age jumping National 1.30m classes. He comes from the same mareline that has produced the stallions Tenerife VDL and Quasimodo Z along with International show jumpers Lundy Lad, Cos I can, Chatsworth Olympic Lad, Diamond Delemma, Delux,Lux De Lisco B and Olympic Wonder.
In addition Olympic Lux has proven himself a sire of successful eventing horses including Rehy B and BLM Diaond Delux.
Lux Z is the worlds leading show jumping Sire. Winner of over one million euro. He competed at the Sydney Olympics with Jerry Smit and won the Pulsar Crown competitions in Valkenswaard and Cannes. 

Our mares are all carefully chosen with regard to their conformation and temperament.  Their competition records and or outstanding bloodlines are carefully selected for suitability as broodmares likely to produce the type of foals we aim to breed and complimentary to the stallions selected to cover them. In addition, all of our mares have kind natures with outgoing and friendly dispositions which they pass on to their offspring, we firmly believe that without these qualities in a broodmare, a foal will be at a disadvantage from the start.   

We hope you can find everything you were hoping to to discover about the Stud and our horses on these pages - there are certainly enough of them!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send a message on our Guest Book or email us at
If we can breed beautiful horses of true quality who prove versatile enough to prove capable and willing whatever the discipline, bring happiness and pride to their owners and are a pleasure to deal with in all ways.....  We have achieved what we set out to do.